• When: 08/14/2015
  • QIC: Dry Heave
  • The PAX: Noonan, Decay, Woody, PC, Dry Heave

In the Army Now

The weather cooled down and the pace picked up for #amble this morning for a tour of Five Points, campus and the State House grounds.

Conditions: 69 degrees, low humidity

The Thang:

Depart DHS
Down Devine to Five Points
Right onto Harden
Left onto Greene
Right onto South Main
Enter State House grounds
Circle State House and depart grounds at Sumter St.
Left onto Pendleton
Right onto Laurens
Left onto Greene
Right on Harden
Left on Devine
Back to DHS

Total Distance: 5.5 miles (this is essentially an Out & Back route, so pax had the option of running less mileage if desired by turning around at any point prior to the State House).


-Midway down Pendleton St, #amble pax heard a large contingent of ROTC approaching like a Thundering Herd. It was all fun and games until our very own Woody got used a motivation prop by the drill Sargent. “Pick up the pace and catch that guy!” the instructor yelled at his cadre, “YOU ARE FASTER THAN HE IS!!” Looking behind him, Woody quickly realized he was indeed the object of this directive. Never to be outdone, Woody promptly picked up his pace and refused to let the ROTC catch up to him. Woody, T-Claps, my friend!

-Tough morning for YHC, whose heart was present and accounted for, but whose legs seemed to miss the memo and remain in the #fartsack. Somebody has to the Six, and today it was YHC’s turn. Just provides more motivation to get better.


-Happy to report that the discount for the Kiawah Half Marathon is down to $45. Send you $$ to Costanza via PayPal at [email protected]. We have HC’s from Noonan, Decay, Double Rub and YHC.

-PC with the Q on Monday.


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