• When: 08/14/15
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Wendy, Traitor, Subprime, Polo, DriveBy, Sketch, OC, Cesspool, Costanza, Huffy, & F'head

Return to #Ramble II

In a reminiscent sequel to YHC’s last Q at #Ramble, it’s been months since I last visited Shandon Pres to pound the pavement with the #Faithful.  Nevertheless, the pax were gracious enough to only mention my absense a handful of times before, during and after today’s Flat and Fast 4 miler through Shandon and Heathwood.  Best part?  #Coffeeteria of course.

Conditions: 68 degrees and only a little humid.  Nice.


From SPC, hit the following in a counterclockwise fashion:

  • Woodrow to Monroe
  • Monroe to Kilbourne
  • Kilbourne to Devereaux
  • Devereaex to Heathwood Circle and back onto Devereaux (#Dongle… see the map)
  • Devereaux to Adger
  • Adger to the one and only right hand turn onto Devine for the downhill sprint home.

Four miles on the dot according to MMR… which means, really, that it was more like 3.9 except for the noble few who trucked it the few extra feet to tap the 4 mile button on their gps.



  • Interesting conclusion to the COT/BOM departure…  apparently, a potential FiA already nicknamed “Liberty Justice” accosted Costanza as to what we were up to just as all of the other pax scattered toward Starbucks.  He’ll have to give you the story.  A #Mustang featured prominently in the literature she was pushing.  USC’s back in session, crazies unite!
  • Speaking of USC, Five Points got younger over the weekend.
  • Personal commentary: again, thanks for welcoming me back to #Ramble.  It’s nice to be missed.  Don’t let me be the only guy encouraged back into F3 either at #Ramble or elsewhere.  Tis the season to get back to work.  School’s back in session, the summer calories have added up, it’s time to reach back out to our brothers who’ve drifted away.  Aye?


  • Little Mountain Half, aka, the #HeeHawHalf, cranks up early tomorrow morning.  Double check the details as the route has been modified just a bit.
  • BullOnFire & Labor Day 5miler double down still in play and fast approaching.
  • Thursday lunch was relocated to Salsarita’s in the Vista and will remain there until Boris says otherwise.  Check it out next week.
  • Check out Paperboy’s Paper for other stuff on the horizon.

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