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Montessori Break-In

AO: hammer
Q: Misfire
PAX: Bindi, Ratatouille, Misfire
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Around 30 but seemed colder
WARMUP: 5 SSH burpees, lower body stretches, 5 SSH burpees, upper body stretches
THE THANG: Mosey to Brockman with 6 pain station stops along the way for 6 Carolina dry docks, 6 hand release merkins, and 6 merkins.
Break into Brockman playground for some running and ab work.
Group lines up at end of playground. 1st PAX runs to wall and back while other 2 PAX perform AMRAPs. Continue until everyone has run. Then switch order of running and do it again with different exercise.
ROUND 2 – iron cross
ROUND 3 – Ray Charles heel touches
ROUND 4 – heel tap crunches
ROUND 5 – giggling nibblers L side
ROUND 6 – giggling nibblers R side
ROUND 7 – low plank
Mosey back to the AO with same 6 pain station stops along the way
MARY – wall sits for 1:30
ANNOUNCEMENTS: not much going on at the end of the year. Check slack.
COT: Yes sir

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