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Death in 10

AO: Hammer
Q: Zuba
PAX: Stretch, Ratatouille, Quicken, Zuba
FNGs: None
SSH – 15 – IC
Through the tunnel – 15 – IC
Little baby arm forward circles – 15 – IC
Little baby arm reverse circles – 15 – IC
Mosey to shack and back

Soccer field circuit:
Along the sidelines with a block – murder bunny, farmers carry, murder bunny, farmers carry with 10 air squats at each corner
Picnic table circuit:
20 shoulder dips, 20 decline merkins, 20 incline merkins separated by 10 curls with a block
Tennis court circuit:
20 LBCs, 20 Ukrainian Twists, 20 big boys, 20 Iron Cross, with a 10-count block press before starting each new cycle

F3 Family Day at Steel Hands on Sunday

@Duckie and his family during this tragic loss
@zuba’s grandmother suffered a stroke and cardiac event this week and is struggling

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