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Burpee and ab beat down

AO: hammer
Q: Big Worm
PAX: Bindi, Felix, Pinkman, Ratatouille
FNGs: None
WARMUP: arm circles, Frankenstein, etc.
THE THANG: 5 pull ups
1st ladder: 5 rungs. Each rung is 20 flutters and 10 iron crosses, then run across field to opening between tennis courts and do 6 lunges. Run to foliage and 5 burpees, doing six more lunges on the way back across the field. Only rep that decreases is burpees.
5 pull ups
2nd ladder: same rep scheme, except now it is 20 box cutters and 10 iron crosses, then run to fence at end of first tennis court and do 5 burpees. Stop at tree there and back and do 6 hand release merkins
5 pull ups
3rd ladder: 10 elbows to knee crunches, 10 Freddie mercuries. Run about 20 yards and 5 burpees; rinse and repeat going down by one burpee each rung

Mosey to COT

45 burpees, 15 pull ups, 400 ab reps, a decent amount of running.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sprintvergence this Thursday
COT: prayers for Pinkman’s mother

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