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90s Block Party at Hammer

AO: Hammer
Q: BunkBed
PAX: BunkBed, Bindi, Billy Bob, McNugget, Stretch, Duckie, BooBoo, Collar
FNGs: None
Mosey to block pile and each PAX grabs a block. Mosey to the picnic tables under the shelter with blocks in overhead carry. Kept above heads until six arrived.
Dynamic Stretching from trash can to sign next to picnic tables
1. Side Lunges
2. Regular Lunges
3. Open the gate
4. Close the gate
5. Walking Quads
6. Single Leg Deadlifts
Circle up
Hillbillies X10 IC
Windmill X10 IC
The Arm Circle Song lyrics: https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/6-year-anniversary-at-snakepit
90s Block Party!!! Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5GF9f97U8n32rATps5O84n?si=6787329669fd4e17
Each PAX rotates through 10 stations with their block. Ab exercises and plank not done with block. 45 seconds at each station and 10 seconds to switch stations.
1. Flutter Kicks
2. Single Leg Deadlift Right Leg
3. Single Leg Deadlift Left Leg
4. Overhead press
5. Triceps Extensions
6. Curls
7. Goblet Squats
8. BBS
9. Low Plank
10. Iron Crosses
These sweet 90s jams made it so that the PAX had a difficult time not hitting the :aww_yeah: emoji instead of working out! McNugget and Bindi seemed like they knew the lyrics to every song and Billy Bob went to see STP live!!! #Jealous I’ve only seen them live post the death of Scott Weiland.
Put up blocks and collect the station signs
Durham Diggler for the finishing move
03-11-23 F3 Charleston 10 Yr Anniversary
03…. F3 Lexington 9 Yr Anniversary
Swingline is taking donations for the Connie Maxwell Charity
Prayers to be better men, leaders and husbands. Prayers for sickness, BunkBed’s wife, McNugget’s friend. BunkBed opened in prayer and McNugget closed the prayer.

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