• When: 2023-04-08
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: Betamax, Snowflake, Quaker, Lobstah, Phlegm, Oscar, VHS

Holy Saturday DawnStrike

AO: Dawnstrike
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Gloomy, rainy, icky, etc. An appropriate day for a Q in remembrance of the day of waiting for the resurrection of Jesus.
Run to grab big blocks from block pile and return to the awning with blocks.
The Motivator X7 IC
Windmill X12 IC
Side Lunges X6 each side OYO
Normal Lunges X6 each side OYO
Slo-Mo Squat X12 IC
Arm Circles Fwd X12 IC
Arm Circles Bck X12 IC
Overhead Clap X12 IC
Seal Clap X12 IC
Raise the Roof X12 IC
Chinooks X12 IC
Moroccan Night Club X12 IC
Thumb Raises X12 IC
Michael Phelps X12 IC
Merkins X12 IC
Dirty Dogs X12 IC Each Leg
Alabama Butt Kickers X12 IC Each Leg
Both legs for these
Jane Fondas X12 IC Up-Down, CW, CCW
Fane Jondas X12 IC Up-Down, CW, CCW
First merlot at DawnStrike with VHS puking! Glorious.
Squats X7 OYO
Burpees X3 OYO
Reading of Matthew 27:57-61
27 Tomb Sealers (Passing block back and forth american hammer style)
57 Squats
61 Curls
Reading of Matthew 27: 62-65
27 Triceps Extension
31 Single Leg Deadlift Each side
65 Iron Cross
Reading of John 20:3-4
John and Peter run (Mosey and put blocks back on the pile and mosey back to the awning)
Corporate Prayer Time with BunkBed leading and the PAX going around and praying/talking if they felt comfortable doing so.
Pray about Jesus’s sacrifice and what it means to you (For those who are not Christian take time to reflect on those who have made sacrifices for you)
Pray to awaken the faith of our communities (For those who are not Christian take time to state the ways you want your community to live 3rd, which is F3 for living for something greater than yourself.)
Praise God for his goodness, mercy, and forgiveness (For those who are not Christian take time to reflect on times where someone has been good, merciful, or forgiving to you.)
Closing Prayer: Led by BunkBed
Dear God,
I’m reminded this Holy Saturday that you are no stranger to death, darkness, or doubt. Help me to remember as I wade within my own discomforts and fears today, that you are still alive, even when I can’t see you. You know waiting is hard. And yet you allow it, for your glory to be revealed in your perfect timing. I rest in you, Lord, as I wait on what only you can do.

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