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Flexin at DawnStrike

AO: dawnstrike
Q: Fallout
PAX: Oscar, Snowflake, Misfire, Fallout
FNGs: None
SSH, 30
Imperial Walkers, 25
Merkins, 20
Squats, 15
Big boys, 10
Burpees, 5

Mosey to Amherst and Devine
6 burpees

Mosey to Capital and Devine
7 burpees

Mosey to capitol and blossom
8 burpees

Loop around capital (mosey)-wheat (sprint) – Amherst (mosey) -blossom (sprint)

Kettlebells/weight plates at Capital and Blossom, DORA
Farmers Carry (60 or 62)

Curls 100
Presses 150
Swings 200
Halos 250

The pax loved the weights so much! At one point I’m certain Snowflake was flexing his biceps at The Wall guys

Mosey down Capital, over to Amherst and Wheat, 5 burpees

Mosey to Devine, 4 burpees

Mosey to front of school, 2 burpees

Some stretching, 1 burpees

Help Poutine move next Saturday

Lobstah and his family traveling

Safety in all the festivities this weekend

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