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Some of this and some of that…..

AO: battle
PAX: Big Worm, Adrian, Fountainhead, Kitty, Billy Bob, CESS, Fergie, Mimosa, Ronda
FNGs: None
COUNT: 8 and a fly by from Kitty (he did some merkins)
Burpees until Big Worm gets here. Only about 3.

Make our way to the bottom of Belmont with stops along the way to do burpees.
1st stop – 10
2nd stop at Sato – 8
3rd stop – 6
Bottom of Belmont – 4

Group 1 AYG 3/4 of the way up Belmont
Group 2 Spot LBC’s until G1 returns
Flap Jack
Then rinse and repeat

Group 1 lunge walk 40 yards
Group 2 boat/canoe until G1 returns
Flap Jack
Then rinse and repeat

As a group, to the top of Belmont.
2 burpees at the bottom.

Most to Brentwood
25 merkins
Mosey up Brentwood to the Speed Limit sign for 30 merkins
Most to the top of Brentwood 45 merkins to get to a Hundy.

Mosey to the back entrance of AC Flora. A few rounds of Mary. Mosey to the Battle loop.

Grab a block and circle up.

Curls IC – 20

Around the world merkins
5 left hand low
5 on top
5 right hand low
5 diamond on top

Military press IC – 10

100 pull-ups as a group
Rotate every 2 pull-ups

High knees IC – 10
3 burpees
Curls IC – 10
Rinse and repeat 5 times

Sprinkle an Around the world in there.

Put the blocks away and head to the circle of death for more Mary.
In honor of the Masters all exercises were done IC to 18
Spot LBC’s
Freddy Mercury
Flutter kicks

Mosey to the stairs at the gym entrance for calf mountain.

Back to the flag for 10 burpees to end it.


– prayers for Ronda’s surgery Monday.
– Prayers for Katniss and his :heart:

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