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Pass the rock

AO: battle
PAX: Prodigal, Sergeant Slaughter, Fergie, Spot, Big Worm, Leprechaun, CESS, Billy Bob
FNGs: None
SSH until Worm joins us.
Mosey to the Battle Pad
SSH Burpees 10 SSH IC followed by 3 burpees
5 Rounds
Mosey to the Battle Loop

Line up at the pull-up bar.
3 pull-ups move to the back of the line.
3 minute AMRAP

Grab 2 blocks
Circle up in a close circle so the block can be passed to the left.
10 curls 3 minutes AMRAP
10 military press 3 minutes AMRAP
BILLY BOB decided to join us finally.
10 burpees OYO

Now that we have 8, add a block (3 total)
Split into 2 groups (4 at each pull-up bar) and rinse and repeat the circuit above. While the PAX wait for their turn Bonnie Blairs.

Lap around the Battle Loop. Burpees until the 6 arrives.

Moving to legs:
Passing the blocks around the circle 10 squats.
3 minute AMRAP hold air chair while you wait your turn.

Return the blocks

Merkins Ring of Fire
3 minutes holding plank
2 PAX perform 3 merkins and pass to the left. Crowd. Pleaser

10 burpees

Mosey to the front of the school and under the entrance.

5 rounds OYO
15 merkins
15 Spot LBC’s
15 squats

SSH until all are done.

Mosey to stairs at the gym entrance.
Calf mountain up the stairs starting with 1 at the bottom adding one each stair.

Final minute. Merkin ring of fire with one merkin.

– 3-24-24 is a chance to give back to the Forest Acres community. See Billy Bob and Announcements channel.
– Spot brought our attention to many sick kids that have been passing away in the hospital recently. Prayers for those youngsters.

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