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Battle Snake Moan

AO: battle
Q: Billy Bob
PAX: Fergie, Mimosa, Sergeant Slaughter, Big Worm
FNGs: None
Conditions: dark, wet and 56 degrees.

Warmup: No

The Thang:

Mosey to Rutland Hill stopping a few times for merkins, sit- ups and squats with active rest waiting on 6. (This was the warmup).

Rutland Hill: Mosey to bottom and lunge walk counter-clockwise around cul-de-sac. Run up to top. 10 bbs, 20 merkins. Rinse and Repeat. Then, mosey back down for reverse lunges and backward run to top. Mosey down halfway. Backward run to top. Mosey 1/4 way down. Backward run to top and head back. Stop and do a big set of dips. Head to football field for the Battle Snake.

Battle Snake: Prowler death March. Single line with prowler in front. Pax in front pushes prowler. Pax in rear drops for 10 merkins then runs to front and pushes prowler goal line to goal line snake fashion until the width of the field was covered.

Prowler gassers then finished off on the gym stairs with calf raises and some Mary.

Great work by all!

COT: Sweep The Acres is March 23. Prayers for Katniss. Mimosa posted to Battle for the first time. Keep posting!

Sidebar: The movie Black Snake Moan is a movie about damaged people helping one another become their best selves.

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