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Q1.5 M

AO: Armory
Q: SweetTart
PAX: Fallout (1st F), Serena, SweetTart
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Wait for any stragglers.

Q1.5 M

Balance in the concentrica is dependent on need. Relationships are far more important that work and working out. Each relationship needs it’s own unique amount of care to stay right.

The M is the HIM’s most important relationship

“At the bullseye of the Q’s Concentrica is his M, his relationship with his wife, the one upon which all of his other relationships are founded. The M is the HIM’s transformative relationship because through it he becomes something new–legally, practically and spiritually. Before marriage, a man is an “I”, but afterwards he is part of an “Us”. The HIM aims most of his arrows at the M because if that fails, the rest of his relationships will fail as well.
King Solomon had the means and opportunity to test every single thing in his known world to discover the meaning of life. After a lifetime of experimentation, this was his conclusion: enjoy life with you wife, whom you love. The works of Solomon were mighty, unprecedented in their time. Yet by the end, he saw his accomplishments as nothing but meaningless toil under the sun. But a man’s wife, the one he loves, that is where Solomon believed a man should focus his energy. It is there that a man finds meaning.

Accelerating the M requires both skill and love

Marriage is not easy–it is not supposed to be. But because he never quits working at it, the HIM ultimately develop the skills he needs to enjoy life with his wife. To avoid committing relationship malpractice with his wife, the HIM focuses on five points of marital Preparedness:

1. Maintenance = Deceleration
The M will not prosper if the HIM thinks in terms of maintaining its vitality rather than Accelerating it.

2. The Culture is a Jester
It makes everything look perfect and easy. We know that virtuous things take work.

3. There is no Fifty Yard Line
Halfway is not good enough when it comes to the M.
To the Sad Clown focused on balance and fairness, this seems unfair and out-of-balance. Perhaps, but that’s what Acceleration requires when it comes to the M.

4. Your Wife is not Your Best Friend
She is made for a much higher purpose.
There is a pedestal in the life of the HIM that is set out for his wife and there is no room on it for his best buddy. Nor is a marriage a joint-venture within which man and wife have equal and identical roles.

5. Joy Trumps Happiness
Happiness is a transitory positive feeling governed by mere external circumstance.
Joy is a permanent state of hopeful satisfaction that is unaffected by external happenstance.
The HIM is a Joyful man under any and all circumstances because his vision is cast at a point well beyond the day before him. His focus is on the end and beyond.
What do Joy and Happiness have to do with marriage? Simple, a healthy and vital M is a lifetime pursuit.
Marriage is a Team, not a Community. It requires Proximity and purpose to succeed. It transforms a man from a selfish Happiness-junkie into a selfless Joy-seeker. The HIM knows if he fails at his M, nothing else he does will matter.

Questions to ponder

Challenges for this week.

COT: Prayers for several in need. Seeking guidance and strengeht in our relationship with our wives.

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