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Mammon Q1.9

AO: Armory
Q: BunkBed
PAX: SweetTart, Serena
FNGs: None
Usual parking lot mumblechatter
Discussion of work, how it effects our lives, its importance in our lives, our family and communities. Socratic questions, ‘Is there anything inherently good about work?’, ‘Is work anything more than something we do?’, ‘What priority should a man give his work?’. The Spurs: 1. Work is a virtue 2. Mammon is a relationship, not a pursuit 3. Mammon is man’s least important relationship.
04-24-23 0500 Drew Barr convergence in Lexington
04-29-23 0600 Don’t Suffer Challenge at Lexington High School Track
COT: Prayers for SweetTart and his church as their pastor is leaving and has been a great mentor and friend to him. Prayers for safe travels with Serena’s family.

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