• When: 2020-11-24
  • QIC: Swanson
  • The PAX: SimonSays, Booster, Quisenberry, Boo (R), Canseco, PickAxe, ButterMaker (R), Roadhouse, DARPA, Wapner, Swanson

I’m Back, Baby!

Oh yeah, feels good to be back leading the TP men in the gloom. It had been just over a year since YHC had last Q’d an in person workout. (Thanks, Booster, for the nudge.) Heck, for the most part YHC has been out of the gloom for quite some time with a newborn, sleepless nights, COVID protocol … the excuses are endless. Though Qing a workout looks a little different these days, it was good to be back out leading and being amongst my F3 brothers. 11 PAX showed up for a good ole beat down. We had fun and we did some work. It was a chilly 38 degrees this morning.

The Thang

Welcome, Disclaimer, Prayer

Circle up.


Burpee 5 OYO


Burpee 3 OYO


Burpee 2 OYO

Mosey to teacher parking lot. Plank for six.

Series of arm exercises. 10 IC each. Recover keeping arms up.






(YHC missed some leg exercises here, but we made up for it later.)

Mosey to picnic tables.

Dips 15 OYO

Incline Merkins 10 OYO

Decline Merkins 5 OYO

Step ups L 10 OYO

Step ups R 10 OYO

Jump ups 1 OYO

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to block pile. Grab a block and head to blacktop next to playground. Series of exercises OYO, move as a group.

15 merkins / carry block overhead to end and back.

20 squats with block / lunge with block midway and back.

25 curls with block / carry block overhead to end and back.

Rinse and Repeat, Twice. Recover to block pile to stack up blocks.

Mosey to shovelflag for Mary. Plank for six.

Series of ab exercises. 15 IC each. Moving immediately from one to the next.




Recover. Count. Namorama. Prayer.


Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, Wapner is taking the Q at 5am

Prayer Requests:

Abby, Summerset Family, DJ, Notebook, YHC’s Family, Anyone dealing with COVID issues.


YHC has recently been in a lot of conflict. At times through this conflict, YHC has not handled himself very well. When in conflict, or not, we seek guidance. However, human nature tends to lead us to something that we feel those that we are in conflict with need to read or need to follow. When in reality what we seek and the Holy Spirit leads us too, we should be internalizing and applying to ourselves.

Psalm 7: 4-5. Devo was read. My takeaway…

”Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with Our God.”

Swannie, out!!

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