• When: 2023-03-23
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Brick, Hash & Rice, Coon Dog, Dunphy, Lego, Ken Doll

Bracket Buster Bootcamp

Sweet Sixteen themed workout this AM at Shawshank with a little trivia throw in. The pax have Brick to thank for answering several questions correctly and saving them from about 20 penalty burpees. We made it through 3 of the 4 regions. You can do the West Region OYO.

Conditions: High 50s

The Thang:

Disclaimer, BOM

Warm up mosey around parking lot


  • TTT x 10 IC
  • Hillbillies x 10 IC
  • IW x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Peter Parkers x 10 IC
  • Parker Peters x 10 IC

Bracket Buster Bootcamp

South Region

1 Seed Alabama vs 5 Seed San Diego St

  • 5 burpees – 1 lap around parking lot x 1

Trivia Question (worth 5 penalty burpees): What NBA All-Star and NBA Champion once starred at SDSU? Answer: Kawhi Leonard (Brick answered correctly after several missed guesses)

6 Seed Creighton vs 15 Seed Princeton

  • 15 decline merkins  – 1 lap around parking lot x 6

Trivia Question: What is Creighton’s mascot? Answer: Bluejays (the pax got it wrong and YHC mistakenly said Bluejackets so I YHC did 5 extra penalty burpees)

East Region

9 Seed Florida Atlantic vs 4 Seed Tennessee

  • 9 Squat Jumps  – 1 lap – x 4

Trivia Question: In what city is FAU located? Answer: Boca Raton (pax got it wrong)

3 Seed Kansas St vs 7 Seed Michigan St

  • 7 decline merkins – 1 lap – x 3

Trivia Question: In 1979, Magic Johnson’s Michigan St team beat an undefeated team in the final. What team and who was the star of that team? Answer: Indiana State and Larry Bird (Brick answered correctly)

Midwest Region

1 Seed Houston vs 5 Seed Miami

  • 5 burpees  – 1 lap – x 1

Trivia Question: What was the nickname of the Houston Cougars in the early 80s? Answer: Phi Slamma Jamma (Brick answered correctly)

3 Seed Xavier vs 2 Seed Texas

3 Box Jumps – 1 lap x 2

Trivia Question: What is Creighton’s mascot? Answer: Muskateers (pax answered incorrectly)

West Region

8 Seed Arkansas vs 4 Seed UConn

  • 8 Diamond Merkins – 1 lap x 4

Trivia Question: Arkansas won the National Title in 1994. Who did they beat? Answer: Duke

3 Seed Gonzaga vs 2 Seed UCLA

  • 3 Burpees – 1 lap x 2

Trivia Question: UCLA has won how many national titles in Men’s Basketball? Answer: 11


Devo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk9wgJBoEd8&t=156s

Prayer Requests:

  • F3 pax whose M is having tests run for cancer
  • Running Man


  • Saturday bootcamp at BeechHouse
  • 4/29 Don’t Suffer Challenge

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