• When: 2023-03-14
  • The PAX: Lego, Cheers, Hash 'N Rice, Duff, Coon Dog, Revere, Soaker

Getting Ready For Pool Season

Started off the Day at Stride Light with a good sized crowd.  For some reason that escapes me, we put Coon Dog in charge of the route.  He picked something new with lots of hills. So we had that going for us.

Despite the fact that it was 30 degrees this morning, beach season is just around the corner.  YHC decided the pax should get started on their six-pack abs.  So we headed over to the picnic shelter.

At you own pace preform each exercise below.  Between each one, knock out 5 chin ups or 5 pull ups.

100 crunches

90 sit-ups

80 Russian Twists

70 Flutter Kicks

60 Peter Parkers

50 Reverse Crunches

40 Freddie Mercury

30 Leg Raises

20 Pickle Pushers

10 Burpees

We still had some time left so, headed over to the other side of Duffy Road for a Burpee Mile.  Run Around the main soccer area stopping at each light pole for 1 burpee.  Real Crowd pleaser.  We get back to the picnic shelter in time for,

20 Box Jumps

10 incline merkins

10 Doo Dah’s

10 Decline Merkins



3/16 Knowzit’s Moving Away Q – You will want to be there for this one

3/18 Race Against Hunger

4/29 Don’t Suffer Alone Challenge

See Ken Doll to get into March Madness Bracket – Raising Money for Baseball team


Hash ‘N Rice Has a soldier who got a DUI over weekend

Cheers – Wife has a good friend with possible cancer,

Cheer’s Uncle – Hospice has been called in

Shades Of Grey – sister in Law’s mother in ICU

Jeff Kohl – recovery from malaria

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