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Thanks Easter Bunny!

AO: woodshed
Q: Pipeline
PAX: Teddy, Pondo, Silver Bullet, Pipeline
FNGs: None
The Easter bunny was called up from the bullpen and left 4 pax a basket with some painful presents.

– SSH x30 IC
– High knees x25 IC
– Imperial walkers x20 IC
– Squat jacks x15 IC (#Crowdpleaser)
– Easter egg pickers x20 IC


Mosey to the Circus Annex. Line up on the first parking lot line.

– Hot Cross Jumps on the line (forward backward left right)
– Lunge walk to the next line
– Rinse & repeat to the end of the lot
– Easter Bear crawl back to the Circus

Mosey to the front school entrance. The Easter Bunny left us a basket!

The pax take turns being the bunny and open up one egg from the basket. The egg has an exercise inside. The bunny runs a lap around the front loop while the other pax AMRAP the exercise. Rinse and repeat until time runs out.

Selected exercises:

– Merkins
– Wall sit
– Peep squats (say “peep” at the bottom; it was ChatGPT’s idea)
– Sit Up Dead Man
– Israeli Twists
– Easter Crosses (Iron Bunnies?)
– Hare Chair
– Teddy Rolls the stone away
– Bunny Hops (jump squats)
– Bunny Humpers
– And, of course, burpees

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cross Ruck & runvergence tomorrow

COT: Recovery for @Ash_(COMZ) and @Silent_Bob daughter

Pipeline out. Bok bok.


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