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DawnStrike? On a Wednesday!?

AO: 0500_club
Q: BunkBed , Fallout
PAX: Fallout, BunkBed
FNGs: None
Sit in the car and monitor the lightning strikes to see if we should run or not. Pull the ultimate modify as needed and turn Cola’s earliest run group into….. Cola’s earliest bootcamp!
Split the Q in half between YHC and Fallout. Fallout notes that this is a wonderful decision to eradicate the disease known as running.
BunkBed :bunkbed1:
– 6th Core Principle SSH X10 OYO
– TTT X10 IC (Discussed this would be awkward OYO)
– WM X10 IC
– Arm Circle Song (YHC forgot his own song! Egad! We got back on track though)
– Michael Phelps OYO
– Cossack Squat X10 each leg OYO
– Oil Derrick X10 each leg OYO
– Lunges X10 each leg OYO
– Calf Raises X20 OYO with a kettlebell
– Slo-Mo Squat X10 IC
– Low Plank 1 min
– Side Plank 45 sec
– Other Side Plank 45 sec (These were so much worse. Oww)
– Jane Fonda
– Up Down X10 IC
– CW X10 IC
– CCW X10 IC
– Fane Jonda
– Up Down X10 IC
– CW X10 IC
– CCW X10 IC
– Flip Sides and repeat
Fallout :radioactive_sign:
It’s time for some heavy things!!!! Uuuuuuwwwaaagggggaaaaaa!!!
– Swing, Squat, Thrust (SST) Maybe call it the Swinging Richard!?!?
– 10 Kettlebell Swings
– 10 Goblet Squats
– 5 Thrusters
– Bottoms Up Till Failure each arm
– Snatches X10 OYO each arm
– Turkish Get Ups X5 each side
– Clean and Press X10 each arm OYO
– Russian Sailor Dance X10 OYO
– Kettlebell Swing
– Squat + Kettlebell Swing from the low position
Fallout was manly and used the 45 lb, BunkBed was boyish and used the 20 lb.

Several topics of conversation this morning
– woodshed was not ready for the burpees and super farmers carry that Fallout had them do
– Petter Attia and Huberman podcasts and if it’s important for the general public to know all the fine details behind nutrition, training, etc
– It is easier to tell someone what you did after a run than after a boot camp
– Anatomy of yesterday’s bridge collapse in Baltimore
– Stare Oscar hoping he would come and join us for dawnstrike on a Wednesday
03-29-2024 Cross Ruck/Run at amble
04-27-2023 F3 Stride 10 Year anniversary in Lexington
Prayers for Silent Bob’s daughter, Lindsay and the victims of the Baltimore tragedy and their loved ones.

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