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Old Home Day

AO: Woodshed
Q: Teddy
PAX: heehaw, Silver Bullet, Side Salad, Teddy, Bonesaw, Grady (visiting from F3 Raleigh)
FNGs: None
6 pax went to the Woodshed on a beautiful morning. Kotters to @Bonesaw, we welcomed @Grady who is visiting from F3 Raleigh, and @Heehaw upgraded the mumble chatter for the 2nd time in a week – don’t call it a comeback!

20 sidestraddle hops in cadence, 20 imperial walkers in cadence, 20 little baby arm circles in cadence (10 forward, 10 back), 10 over head press and 10 overhead claps in cadence, 20 windmills in cadence, and 20 squats OYO
Lined up for an Indian run and moved out, running to the end of Galway. Partnered up for a Dora:
1st evolution – partner 1 ran to the bottom of the hill and back while partner 2 exercised, trading off until 150 total ‘Mericans were completed.
2nd evolution – partner 1 lunge-walked halfway down the hill and back while partner 2 exercised, trading off until 250 total chaser LBCs were completed
3rd evolution – partner 1 moseyed halfway down the hill, then broad-jump burpeed back while partner 2 exercised, trading off until 350 squats were completed.
Lined back up and Indian ran back to the COT for Mary.
20 flutter kicks in cadence, 25 LBCs OYO, 10 Teddy Rolls and 10 Teddy Rocks OYO, 20 Freddy Mercurys in cadence, and 25 more LBCs OYO.
Count-o-rama & Name-o-rama
Peanut Butter collection, Lexington Convergence, Charleston Convergence.
Prayers offered up for @Ash as his household battles some health issues
A slightly irreverent devo was offered, linking real and fake wrestling (sorry @Chyna), the Book of Genesis, Moses and coming to grips with problems or issues in your life.


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