• When: 7/30/15
  • QIC: Cousteau
  • The PAX: Prenup, Cousteau, BigTime, Fog, Secret squirrel, Pele, Windshear FNG, Strip search FNG, OBC, Snap on

Times like these, we need a sprinkler to the face

YHC picked up the Q today in an unplanned switch, but always enjoys leading the Pax. With the establishment of our fitness tests, YHC thought a routine that focused on primary movements would be beneficial and it had just the right amount of suck.

The Murph

Conditions 78, 100% humidity and no air movement
The Thang:
SSH IC x 20
Imp. Walkers IC x 15
Arm Circles IC X 15 & 9 (YHC was thinking about the influx of late PAX and screwed up the count)
Carolina Dry Docks IC x 15
LBC IC x 15
Windshield Wipers IC x 15

Proceed to grab blocks and mosey to the football field. Test the goal posts for stability doing pull-ups, find that said posts would certainly fail – modify The Murph. Circle up the Pax and recount what The Murph is and why we celebrate Lt. Mike Murphy’s life through his workout routine.

In partners:
100 sit-ups – sets of 5
200 push ups – sets of 10
200 tricep extensions – sets of 10
300 squats – sets of 15
Run half length of football field and back (total 1 mile modified from 2 miles)
Rinse and repeat x 20 sets

YHC spent a little too much time in the COP, testing the goal posts and explaining the routine so we ran out of time to complete all 20. Some Pax got up to 13 sets for: 65 situps, 130 pushups, 130 triceps, 195 squats. Still, every man was sufficiently smoked, with many celebrating the sprinklers cutting on during the workout rather than avoiding them. Our FNGs had the “deer in headlights” thing going, but also a smile on their face.

COT with Brickpile
NMM: So happy with the output of the SCORE Pax over the last few weeks. Each Q is upping the intensity level and each workout sucks that much more – just the way it should be.

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