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Today on Thursdays with Phlegm

AO: thunder
Q: Phlegm
PAX: Bucket Truck, Spot, Adrian, Fallout, Insanity, Huffy (CBHM Masters Champ), Jabberwocky
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH IC x 30, Imperial Walkers IC x 20, Merkins IC x 20, Through the Tunnel IC x 20, Windmills IC x 10.
THE THANG: BIER RUN. Bonnie Blairs (count 1 leg) x 20, In and Outs x 20, E2K (oblique crunches 10 L, 10 R), Russian Dips x 20 and Run a Lap. The Pax completed 3 Bier Runs. Mosey to school steps and Merkins IC x 15, flutterkicks with arms up IC x 20, Hip thrusters IC x 20 and then do calf mountain up the steps. Mosey to King and Woodroow and Spot LBCs IC x 20, LBAC’s IC x 20, Moroccan Night club IC x 20, Raise the Roof x 20, Cossack squats with hands in the air and you don’t care IC x 20. Mosey back to Field; Hello Dollies IC x 20, Chaser LBC’s IC x 20, Indian Bear Crawl (Pax holds plank or does merkins and 1 pax bear crawls from front to back). Mosey back to COT and Do Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Freddie Mercuries and hold 6 inches until it is time.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Join Drive By’s Lucky Runners if you can, Go to Spots’s Double Q a the Mission. Prayers for Erin Brosch’s family.
COT:Everyone have a good day.

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