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IPC Week 2 at Thunder!

AO: thunder
Q: Fallout (1st F)
PAX: Betamax, Biggie Smalls, Escrow, Oscar, Lobstah, Fallout (1st F), Garnish, SweetTart, Bucket Truck, Phlegm, Insanity
FNGs: None
45min AMRAP
400-meter track with 100-meter increments clearly visible

The Thang
The workout begins when the timer starts
400-meter lap
5 BDE burpees
400-meter lap
5 BDE merkins (AKA – hand-release prisoner merkins)
Hand release merkin to Peter Parker to the right elbow to hand release merkin to Peter Parker to the left elbow to hand release merkin
Repeat until time is called.

Garnish-8000m (20 laps)
SweetTart-7600m (19 laps)
Oscar- 6700m (16-3/4 laps)
Bucket truck- 5200m (13 laps)
Escrow-6400m (16 laps)
Phlegm- 5600m (14 laps)
Insanity- 6200m (15-1/2 laps)
Lobstah- 5300m (13-1/2 laps)
Fallout- 6300m (15-3/4 laps)
Beta and Biggie walked

We are tired
Columbia 11-yr, Oct 14th

Escrow’s wife’s surgery

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