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  • QIC: Robber
  • The PAX: Seeker, Spot, Adrian, Insanity, BabyRuth, Betamax, Promo, OC, Windmill, Geno, Staccato,

Thunder Blocks

In the absence of our brother posting to the nasty Blue Ridge Relay, 12 men posted to Thunder. In honor of those men, and the work they were about to undertake, we did no running up no hills.

The Thang

Mosey to the block pile, grab a block. Name it, it will be your friend for the next 45 minutes.


  • Little Baby Arm Circles, IC x20
  • Overhead Clap, IC x20
  • Little Baby Arm Circles, IC x20


  • Cusack, 60 seconds
  • Curls for the Girls, IC x20
  • Thursters, IC x20
  • Squats, IC x20
  • Big, big, big boy sit-ups (with blocks), OYO x20
  • Cusack, 60 seconds
  • Partner Workout
    • Shrugs, OYO x20 while partner does merkins, then swap
    • Farmer carry (2 blocks) around the amphitheater while partner plans, then swap
    • Partner Big, big, big boy sit-ups (with blocks), OYO x20
  • Ampitheater Ladder
    • Curls, IC x20
    • Kettlebell Swings, IC x2
    • Squats, IC x20
  • Squats, IC x20
  • Kettlebell Swings, IC x20
  • Curls for the Girls, IC x20
  • Cusack, 60 seconds
  • Recover


  1. Be sure to keep our Blue Ridge runners in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. That sucker is brutal.
  2. Mud run – sign up now!
  3. Put a kick-me sign on Rocky’s back.


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