• When: 09/11/15
  • QIC: Co-Pay
  • The PAX: Drone, Pi, Silver Bullet, Co-Pay

Party At Stumble – Parents Are Out Of Town

4 PAX partied at Stumble while our parents were busy doing work at the BRR… not sure where the shovel flag is, we better find it before they get home.

Conditions: Leaderless

The Thang:

Left out of AO onto Olde Knight, Right on Chambly, Left on Queensryche, Right on Old Woodlands, Left on Garners Ferry, Left on Pelham, Right on Gills Creek, Right on Rosewood, Right on Garners Ferry, Right on Old Woodlands, Left on Queensryche, Right on Chambly, Left on Olde Knight, back to AO.


YHC grabbed the reigns, loosely, and belted out the only route he knows… the Pelham Loop. But in the absence of any form of authority, we avoided the ridiculous.

YHC must admit, assuming Silver Bullet is already on the phone with the authorities, being a little doped up on albuterol. Hill induced asthma has curbed his ability to devour hills #Stumblestyle, thus requiring a visit to the doc for some much needed O2… and boy was that nice. So nice, that YHC threw the kitchen sink at #MOM and cracked the top 10. YHC spent the remainder of the run thinking of ways to work #MoveOverBeacon into the BB, but as the Strava results showed, YHC was just a few seconds shy… maybe next time… oh wait, did it anyway #gunningforyou.

It was nice trading fist sweat with a slightly different crowd this morning. T-Claps to Drone for continuing to post and good to meet Pi, nice to put a face with the name I’ve seen in BB’s and good work! Strong showing by all PAX involved!

Best of luck to our #Stumble brothers as you battle through the #BRR! Keep us posted and stay safe! #PinkIsTheNewRed, with a little notice you could have packed YHC’s Hello Kitty water bottle, maybe next time!


  • #GritIron launches Monday, 5:30 (I believe) at Meadowfield.
  • THIS Saturday (tomorrow) is the deadline to sign up for the Mud Run!
  • Be on the lookout for a top secret 2nd F with Back Draft, and Palmetto 200 sign up… coming soon!
  • #Woodshed The Axe belt is up for grabs on the 24th!


BOM – Co-Pay

  • Prayers for all BRR participants.
  • Prayers for those lost on 9/11.

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