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Loose Bricks in The Wall

AO: the-wall
Q: Friar Tuck
PAX: BabyRuth(AOQ TheWall), Jar Jar, Serena, Bundy, Rudder (WeaselShaker), SweetTart, Garnish, Winston, Ziffel, Silent Bob, Shocker, TomTom (3rd F), Tug Boat, Iceman, Wyatt (F3 name I forget)
FNGs: None
WARMUP: The day started as a sort of choose-your-own-adventure, hence the title of today’s slackblast report. Several loose bricks in the wall, with a hat-tip to Garnish for that term, ran thither and yon, from early AM sexy pace led by Babyruth to the solo showoffs of a 20-miled SweetTart. Friar Tuck covered Iceman in way more layers than was necessary but by God, she wasn’t cold this time around. Once the pre-miles were in, some straggled around and found their way to the starting line of the neighborhood 5K.
THE THANG: It’s sort of hard to say what today’s Thang was, but the general consensus is that if you were in the vicinity of the 5K, you participated in The Wall….ish. Idk, it was a controversy, but let’s say the Pax count has been heavily influenced today by Rogue. YHC self-identifies as a Rambler and is largely accepted as such, but those fellas sure know how to poke holes in the rules in the most hilarious fashion. How does one not join the fun? Much mumblechatter was inspired by Dad-life: childrens’ books, running strollers, tire changes, and gosh-how-they-grow-up-so-fast topics infused the conversational atmosphere this morning that drew the pax closer not just as runners but as fathers. Gives you a warm a fuzzy feeling…nope..sorry, that’s just another leaky diaper. BRB to finish this SB….
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Whew…ok that was a rough one. Where was I? Ah yes, announcements. Hear ye! Hear ye! Garnish is moving to the heights of Prisma after reigning benevolently in the land of Walgreens. He abdicates his retail throne next month and leaves many of us wondering where to go the next time we need a trusty apothecary. Who will step up? Also, Shocker was expecting the pope this morning and SweetTart assumed our bishop was a cardinal. Gah, protestants….
COT: On this Ember Day during Lent, let’s call to mind our abundant blessings for the bounty of food at our disposal and resolve not to take farmers, grocers, transport, and all those who help bring food to our table for granted. Especially, let us pray for those who go without and resolve to extend our charity to those less fortunate than us.
A prayer for Ember Days:
O Lord, graciously look down upon Thy servants and upon the work of their hands, and do Thou, Who givest food to every creature, bless and preserve the fruits of the earth, that the needy may be filled with good things and that all may praise the glory of Thy bounty. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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