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Down by the Riverside

AO: the-wall
Q: Swingline
PAX: SweetTart, Recount, Bemis, Turtle, Hawg, Bailiff, Keystone, Prodigal, HolyPoker, Tube Socks, Churchkey, Odyssey, Bootleg, Chandler, Wolverine
FNGs: None
Sweettart, Recount and Swingline ran some pre-miles to warm up.

Quick explanation of route with plenty of water and bathroom stops. Beware of traffic crossing Taylor and Gervais.

Great weather for a run!


Sweettart and Swingline went out hard and fast. Plenty of sexy places and Bailiff showing of the tat.

Out on the route – deer and beaver spotted in the river; beautiful sunrise; Rocky style stair stepping.

Churchkey drove around. We thought he was doing it to encourage the PAX, turned out he was just lost. He did get to witness Sweettart almost getting taken out on Gervais.


As is our way, great fellowship with plenty of mumble chatter.

12/16 CBHM
12/17 F3 Christmas – sign up on the Google doc.
12/29 Runvergence at Stumble
1/1 at the Bull
TomTom Foolery

Prayers for struggles around the world and inside.
Swingline’s co-worker niece healing

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