• When: 08/01/15
  • QIC: Pondo and Chaser
  • The PAX: Collar, Splinter, Fountainhead, ChopShop, Hawg, SubPrime, Lloyd, JoeLee, Chaser, Pondo

The Hills of Discipline and the Pain of Chelsea

10 Men came to Battle for a ferocious #BeatDown from Chaser and YHC.  We did some serious hill work and then a brutal Chelsea to finish off the hour of pain.  Hawg, a former FNG at Battle brought his own FNG to the party.  Welcome JoeLee.

Conditions:   high 70’s with low humidity, for a change

The Thang:

Fast Mosey from the flag in the Flora parking lot up Falcon Drive.  Stop in driveway across from bank for 50 Russian Twists (count on one side) and 5 Worst Merkins Ever (1 wide arm, 1 regular, 1 diamond = 1 WME).  Welcome and Disclaimer by Pondo.

Turn right onto Forest Drive and quick left onto Edgehill and Fast Mosey to Cherry Laurel.  Stop at Oak Ridge to explain the U-shaped route: run down Cherry Laurel, sprint up Cherry Laurel, stop at Oak Ridge for 50 Russian Twists & 5 WME’s (as above), run to other end of Oak Ridge and down Plumer and sprint up Plumer.  50 Russian Twists and 5 WME’s at the top of Plumer, run back to Cherry Laurel and do it again and again.  AMRAP 10 minutes.  Hold 6 inches for the 6 at the top of Plumer.  Run down Plumer and take a left onto Spring Hill and sprint up Spring Hill (Spring Mountain) for a final, super nasty ascent.  Fast Mosey to Battle Loop.  YHC was inspired by Flamer for this hill workout.

Chaser lead the pax through a Chelsea workout: 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 low squats every minute on the minute.  Chaser worked the pax right up to the last minute and then we did a fast mosey back to the parking lot.

COT and BOM by Chaser

Moleskin: The Battle Pax are always up for a challenge and this one provided a great way to push each other and to get better together.

Announcements:  8/22 is the launch of the Spur workout at USC.  If you have any contacts with student organizations, let SubPrime know. 8/28 KettleBellKonvergence 2.0 at Canal Park at 5:15.  Woodshed 1 Year anniversary Convergence at Woodland Park 8/29 with DD opportunities: starting 6:00 and 7:00.

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