• When: 07/30/2015
  • QIC: Fannie
  • The PAX: Beads, OC, Cess Pool, Purple Rain, Boris, Paper Boy, Package, Fannie, Gino, McLovin, Huffy, Gump, Beta Max

Tassles, why not?

Tank Top Thursday, a #Thunder tradition unlike any other, did not disappoint July 30th.  Much gratitude to our own Paperboy for giving us a new spin on the typical American Flag tank: Tassles.  Also props to McLovin for his mid workout nature call.  19 pax total for a tough mid summer beat down.

Conditions: 80ish degrees, muggy

The Thang:

Baby arm circles IC x20, then reverse

High knees IC x25

Merkins IC x15

Monkey humpers 30 OYO

10 burpees OYO


Mosey to BasketBall court

Lunge walk base line to baseline

Lunge walk back, stopping 4 times for 5 burpees each time


Park- get blocks, half the pax does 8 pullups then gets a block, other half gets their block then does 8 pullups.

mosey to field

Shoulder presses IC x20

Curl presses IC x20

Russian Twists IC x25

Curls IC x20

Back and forth merkins x20 OYO

Flutters holding blocks IC x25

Bench presses x20 OYO

Pick Em Up Put em back down where they came from x20 OYO

Cusack blocks back

Each Pax does 8 more pullups


Mosey to Amphitheater- Big Boy situps until 6 arrives

Inclined Merkins x20

Declines x15

Inclined x10

Declines x5

Big boys til 6 comes in

Repeat sequence, but reps of 15, 10, 5, and 5


Mosey back to the field. Partner Up.

DB drill w20 Iron Crosses

DB Drill back with 20 fist bump Merkins

Repeat DB drill (no exercises this time)


Cess calls Russian Twists ICx25

Purple Rain calls some crazy jump plank thing where you start in plank and jump your feet to shoulder level. x15 IC



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