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TEddy’s Bunker Buster

AO: -Bunker
Q: Teddy
PAX: Jar Jar, Birthday Suit, Silver Bullet, Bidet, Ronaldo
FNGs: None
A perfect early morning at the Bunker for a storybook stroll around campus…

20 Sidestraddle hops, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Little Baby Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 back), 10 Overhead Claps and 10 Raise-the -Roofs), and 20 Windmills, all in cadence. 20 Squats OYO

WE worked our way around the campus, stopping for pain stations. Movement between stations alternated between lunge walks, moseys, bear crawls, and karaokes. Each pain station included 5 burpees, as well as a variety of other exercises including jump squats, ‘Mericans, flutter kicks, sidestraddle hops, LBCs, and more. After progressing through 6 stations we split into groups and lined up on the ball field for a Dora. The team of two completed aggregate totals of 50 lunges in place, 100 Squats and 150 calf raises, while the team of three was inflation-adjusted to 75, 150 and 225. Partners alternated between exercising and moseying out across centerfield and back until the Dora was complete.
Circled up and knocked out 10 x Teddy Rocks and 10 x TEddy Rolls.
Moseyed back to the COT – knocked out 25 LBCs OYO and 20 Ukranian Twists in Cadence.
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama


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