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Ladder up boy!

AO: -Bunker
Q: Birthday Suit
PAX: Birthday Suit, Jar Jar, Justin McLane. Vanity, Backstop, Ticklespot
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Standard stuff
THE THANG: Brick ladder, 12 days of Christmas style all with coupon. 1 burpee, walk 3 yards, 2 thrusters walk back, 1 burpee, walk, 2 thrusters, walk, 3 KB swings, walk back, 1/2/3/4,, walk back, etc, up to 12 different exercises.
Battlerope single arm while rest of pax do called exercise
No running whatsoever except for pax modifying
Find a home for our coupons, hope they are still there Wednesday.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 10year Yorktown
COT: Prayers for Dodgeballs daughter, JJs friend David, and another I can’t remember.

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