• When: 09/01/2015
  • QIC: SubPrime
  • The PAX: Myrtle, SlumDog, Fannie, Misfire, McNugget, Turtle, Garnish, Sweetness, Splinter, RA, BooBoo, Collar, Costanza, Lederhosen, TempleBoy, ChopShop, BetaMax, SubPrime

Steep ladders and #CinderPavers at #Hammer

September rolled in at #Hammer with five visitors from #Thunder on hand to ring in fall’s opening month.  YHC was on the docket as QIC and was ready to explore some of the elevation changes across Bethel Church Road while a plan that looked really solid on paper turned out to be really ridiculous.

Conditions – 72 degrees

The Thang:

COP Parking Lot

  • Imperial Walker – 20 (4ct)
  • SSH – 20 (4ct)
  • Little Arm Circles Forward and Backward – 15 (4ct)

Run to and Retrieve Two Pavers #CinderPavers

COP Field

  • Curls – 75 25 (too much for this cat) (4ct)
  • Triceps Extension – 20 (4ct)
  • Alternating Arm Raises – 20 (4ct)

Run to Playground (with #CinderPavers)

  • Split Pax; half on pull ups, half on merkin pulls
  • 60 Seconds AMRAP; flap jack

Mosey to hill across Bethel Church (not Dumpster Hill)

Jacob’s Ladder 

  • Sprint to top of hill (with bricks set them down); burpees 1-6
  • Do flutters with arms extended sideways and over chest with #CinderPavers while waiting on the six to finish

Run to Dumpster Hill Base

Jacobs Ladder

  • Sprint to top of hill (with bricks leave them at the top); Squat into shoulder press (10-17)
  • Do Russian Twists with the bricks a #CinderPaver until the six finishes
  • Russian Twists – 20 (4ct) led by Splinter
  • Russian Twists – 15 (4ct) led by YHC

Run back to #Hammer and return #CinderPavers; Plank it up on the field

Line up on Goal Line 

  • #DeionSanders – split pax, have half facing out on the goal line and the other half partnered up facing partner ~10 yards out.  On the first “Go” Partner 2 begins to backpedal….on the second “Go” Partner 1 takes off after Partner 2.  When Partner 1 reaches Partner 2 Partner two swings around and sprints it out with Partner 1 to the opposite goal line.
    • #FlapJack

Return to COT


BOM – Closed out by YHC with prayers for Walker Phillips and Strudel


  • #CinderPavers – they’re just too damn heavy to do much more than stand around and do paver exercises.  Not sure what else to say about that.
  • Fun times at #Hammer.  Thanks for continuing to have me back.  T-Claps to the #Thunder bros that showed up.


  • Plenty going on.  The #Spur launch continues and they need your help and support as Q’s and just general pax.
  • We’re exploring a launch in Rosewood. Please pass along names of prospective FNG’s from that area.  Contact Chaser, HeeHaw, YHC, or Cornstache with questions/FNG names.
  • #MudRun sign-up is on-going.  Myrtle is the Columbia Q.  Sign-up now and do so as a single runner.  We’ll get the teams squared away closer to the event.
  • Keep Walker Phillips in your prayers.  He’s back int he hospital and NailPop and the fam sound like they’re really hurting right now.  It’s easy to move past that situation and resume your everyday life but for them it’s simply not possible.  Please pray for peace and direction.

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