• When: 09/02/15
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Odyssey, Minion, Backdraft, Stretch, Paper Cut, Chewy, Happy Trees

Ironyard “Happily” Tours Brickpile

72 degrees and 90% humidity. 7 Pax chose the harder thing, took the DRP and absolutely owned the gloom this morning. Welcome to the NEW #Ironyard!

Cross Country’s AKA Mission Impossibles AKA Tom Cruises.
Leg Swing Lunge (3 leg kicks followed by a rear lunge hold for 3 seconds) 5x each leg.
KB Figure 8’s x 16.

Move quickly with bell across parking lot.

Rear Parking Lot
Karaoke out and back.
Jane Fondas with KB 10x each side.
Ski jumps on white lines (no bell).
KB Goblet Squat x20.
Rinse and repeat.

The Great Wall
Wall sit with KB, front arm raises x10.
Wall touches x25 (no bell).
Jog to tree line and back.
Rinse and repeat.

Move quickly to Hollywood Squares

Hollywood Squares
KB Step-ups 10x each leg.
Single arm KB row 10x each arm.
Duck Walk around square with KB.
Single Arm Merkin 5x each arm.
Run out and back while weaving in and out of trees.
Flutter Kicks x 15 IC until 6 arrives.
Rinse and repeat.

Move quickly to front stairs

Front Stairs
Calf raises with KB x20 each side.
Sideways bunny hop up stairs, side shuffle to front doors, bunny hop down x5.

Move quickly to grassy area near side of school

Grassy area at side of school
Baby Makers x20 (The moonlight really set the mood for these)
Side plank KB shoulder press 10x each arm.
Oblique Twist x15.

Move quickly back to shovel flag for COT.

The NEW Iron Yard is Kettle bells + agility + YOU getting better! It’s easy to stand in a circle and move a kettlebell around <yawn>. I have told myself on more than one occasion, “Oh it’s just #Ironyard, I can stay up late and I can have another beer.” Well this is F3, and we like to stay sharp. We do things the hard way and get better for it. I believe the new Iron Yard workouts have the potential to be real BEAST MAKERS. If you want to get better and stay sharp, come out to the NEW Iron Yard. Same place, same time. HC in the comments!


Spur is the new AO on USC campus at Blatt PE Center. Nikita is the AO Q. HC to come out and expand your horizons. #NoLimits #GetCocky #WalkOfShameBurpees

Bull on Fire is Labor Day 09/07 (In honor of September 11th, Backdraft, Spot, and Cheesesteak have something special planned. The #ConcreteBeast will be taken over by the men of our fire department simulating what our brave men do on a daily basis going up and down stair towers with full fire gear. You won’t want to miss this!

Grit Iron is a new kettle bells + agility workout starting 09/14 at #Woodshed.

Hurricane Hike is 09/19

#2nd F opportunity: 09/27 Skeet Shooting with the guys! Backdraft is the Q, details coming soon…

#3rd F opportunity: Tuesdays at Eastminster Pres Church 6 pm (holler @F3Papercut if interested), A Life Worth Living.

Mud Run is 10/24, signups are open! Heist is the Q.

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