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Wet Windy Monday

AO: score
Q: Crawlspace
PAX: Crawlspace, Lumen, Spool
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Typical Warmup in the Vestibule so we stayed nice and dry.
THE THANG: No Ray Charles until March so Crawlspace filled in like the Ninja he is with Brick and Block work with standing backward lunges and Skank Sisters in between sets by the generator, ran as far as the courtyard for some typical Crawlspace wall merkin, dip sets with wall sits, Lt. Dan and assorted Ab exercises, 20/20/20 and other stuff. Finished with some Monkey Humpers and a second round of stretches. We probably didn’t even run 1/2 mile as Crawlspace still nursing a bad hip.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Power transfer on Thursday. May have visit from F3 upper echelon to supervise the transfer.
COT: Prayers for Sled and his Flu recovery and for Ripcords father in law who had a bad fall.

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