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Dinner with Nails

AO: score
Q: RayCharles
PAX: Crawlspace, Prenup, OBC
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Ray Charles does a great job of stretching you out. Good thing, because of an inspirational dinner with Nails, Ray Charles slowly and deliberately beat us down.
THE THANG: All exercises were called to be performed with full extension, good form and slowly. Legs, Chest and Abdominal exercises with running in between on the football field. Under the Fence, Burpees and some Man Makers were a big hit. After 100% participation at breakfast at EUG, generously provided by Ray Charles, we fantasized about reconvening at Nails home to show our appreciation for the inspiration, however, cooler heads prevailed! All in all, it was great to have Ray Charles back in town and hard work was achieved!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Today is Monday!
COT: Prayers!

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