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Runnin’ Miles & Bootcamp

AO: sawmill
Q: Full Metal Jacket
PAX: Flapper, Lemmy, Gepetto, Full Metal Jacket
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Stretches
THE THANG: Lenny & Gepetto ran miles;
-Each pax grabbed a coupon
-Went to parking lot for four corners workout
-Pax drew a strip of paper (exercise written on it) from bag
-Starting with 5 reps at first corner station and increasing by 5 each corner, each pax did 5-10-15-20 reps of each exercise.
-Pax ran a lap around parking lot
-Pax did 25-50 reps of another exercise drawn from bag with coupon.
-Pax did the above for four rounds
-Pax transitioned to Five-card stud with F3 deck of cards. Did all five exercises from winning hand.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dam-to-Dam looms, as does “The Longest Day” event (Gepetto!)
COT:Prayed for Gepetto and upcoming root canal; same for one of Flapper’s daughters who got sick last nite but weathered the discomfort!

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