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Four Corners and Other Stuff

AO: Sawmill
Q: Full Metal Jacket
PAX: Musket, Cottontail, Flapper, Shuttlecock, Waterboy, Full Metal Jacket
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Stretches/IWs/Hillbillies/LBACs x 3
-Grab Coupon: Overhead Press-20/Curls-20/Bent-over Rows-20
-Four Corners:10-20-30-40 SSHs, Bernie Sanders between cones
-Coupons: 20 BBSUs (feet in block)/25 Chest Press/20 American Hammers (twist and try to touch elbow to ground)
-Run to BHES stop sign/20 Mtn Climbers/25 Dips/Lunges across driveway and back/Run back to AO
-Four Corners: 5-10-15-20 WAMs, Karaoke between cones
-Coupons: Overhead Press-20/Curls-20/Flutters-20
-Four Corners: 15-20-25-30 Heels to Heaven, Mosey between cones
-Kusack coupon to first telephone pole/Squats-20/Kusack back to SP
MARY: V-ups/Rosalitas/Flutters/Freddie Mercuries/Chaser LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cottontail’s interpreter and family leaving Afghanistan soon!! Big NFL weekend awaits!
COT:Prayers for Musket’s newly born twins and entire family (all good!)/Thanks for F3 camaraderie!

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