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Down & Up

AO: sawmill
Q: Rudder (WeaselShaker)
PAX: Flapper, Gepetto, Full Metal Jacket, Lemmy
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Rudder’s Classic Warm-arama, with the enforcement of Oil Dereks. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, hates them. Therefore we did them.
THE THANG: Since Gepetto is on the IR, yet posted (kudos, young man) Q crafted a “no mosey” beatdown that made pax wish he wasn’t injured.
Stole idea from F3Lex pax (Ken Doll) for this gloom w/o. See photo. Lots of reps that decrease, yet spaced with 10 Burpees! Got to the bottom of the list with time remaining, so pax rotated with audible (and 10 burpees of course). EndEx!
Devo: Mark 5. We know why the disciples were so edgy while in the boat crossing the Sea of Galilee in a storm. They were going somewhere unpleasant. Gerasenes! We also saw him commission the first evangelist. Let US go tell our friends and family what great things God has done for us!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lemmy says Track Season coming up.
COT: Prayers for YHC’s friend Freda who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Meets with medical team Friday. Prayers for a miracle.

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