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Block Party and your cordially invited!

AO: sandlot
Q: Runt
PAX: Fenway, Ruby, Two Gloves
FNGs: None
Side straddle hop 20 IC followed by run
Through the tunnel 20 IC followed by run
Bicycle squats 20 IC followed by run
Little Baby arms circles, Michael Phelps, Raise the roof 10 each IC

10 man makers then murder bunny across lot
8 man makers then redrum back across lot
6 man makers then murder bunny across lot
4 man makers then redrum back across lot
2 man makers

THANG 2 – 1:2 ratio
1 goblet squat then 2 curls for girls
2 goblet squats then 4 curls for girls
3 goblets squats then 6 curls for girls
Rinse/repeat until 10 goblet squats and 20 curls

THANG 3 – 2:4 ratio
2 count Freddie mercury then 4 count freedom twists
4 count Freddie Mercury then 8 count freedom twists
6 count Freddie mercury then 12 count freedom twists
Rinse and repeat until 20 count Freddie Mercury and 40 count freedom twists

THANG 4 – 1:2 Ration
1 burpee 2 SSH
2 burpees 4 SSH
Rinse and repeat until 5 burpees 10 SSH

F3 Silent Bob is visiting guest Q Thursday
Purchase your copy of The Obstacle in the Way. Start date January 13 coffeeteria

COT: James 1:22 Be Doers of the Word and not hears only

Reading scripture and not applying it is equivalent to looking in the mirror and noticing multiple places where spinach is stuck between your teeth.

In this instance the odds are fairly high that you would self correct and take measures to clean your teeth immediately rather than go out looking foolish.

Reading the word daily can change our lives but applying the word daily will transform our lives.

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