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Rogue Swamp Ninjas

AO: rogue
Q: Swingline
PAX: Bemis, Cauliflower, SweetTart, Easy Street
FNGs: None

Described the route that’ll we were taking to get from Rogue to Swamp Fox, making sure to turn on Lonsford.


Bemis took it slow and steady after beast moding Sesqui this past weekend.

Sweettart, Cauliflower and Swingline spotted Easy coming in hot.

The PAX made it to Swampfox, spotted the flag but not PAX.

The route ended up being uphill both ways.



Friday – Ramble Runvergence
Saturday Run – come out to run or support.

Upcoming Lexington 10 Year

Prayers for :
Praise for Brianna’s progress
Prayers for family of CIU student who died.
Prayers for the runners hit by the car on Pickens, especially the young lady in the ICU

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