• When: 2024-02-19
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Blue Bloods, Duff, Cheers, Kenwood (R).

Recovery at The Bounty

Today was D2D recovery day at The Bounty.  YHC had sore legs, and there was talk from others there with sore legs and backs.  So why not get a few laps in and shake out the soreness.

1 minute warning, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer

walk to the track with a few butt kicks to loosen up

  • 400 m warmup lap
  • 100 m mall walk recovery
  • 400 m ladder – 25 m 5k pace then 75 m mosey, then 50m/50m, then 75m/25m, then 100m/0m
  • 100 m mall walk recovery
  • stretch
  • rinse and repeat the ladder, recovery, stretch for ~8 rounds
  • 300 m to get in the target 5k distance

We finished up at the virtual shovel flag with 3.1 miles and wrapped things up with the announcements and prayers.


  • 3/9/24 – F3 Convergence at River Bluff
  • 3/16/24 – LRAH


  • Cheers’ wife
  • Blue Bloods’ nephew
  • Sarah Harmon
  • Marriage, parents


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