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Cold Out ‘N Back

AO: ramble
Q: Swingline
PAX: Friar Tuck, Bailiff, Turtle, Love Child, 8 Mile, Cauliflower, Hawg
FNGs: None
Quick explanation of the route – need to get moving to warm up.

Brief debate if we deviate to visit Stumble to push up Baby Ruth’s donation. Decided to stick to the plan.


Ran the route with a slight change to take Greene on the way out.

Some went longer, some went faster, all finished.

We visited the Christmas Tree at the State House. Typical Friar Tuck banter on his love of early Christmas decorations and Mariah Carey music.


12/16 – CBHM
12/17 – F3 Christmas
Tom Tom Foolery – Huffy looking for folks for his team.
Antsy Cauliflower ready to wrap it up

Prayer for Shelter in need.

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