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A Need At The Mission

I witnessed something powerful at The Mission on Saturday.

One of our faithful pax enrolled in the recovery program shared with me that he almost walked out the door of the recovery program earlier in the week. This guy is pretty quiet, but after some persistence he admitted to me that he was feeling guilting not being able to provide for his kids while he was in the residential program. As a professional truck driver, he had made a good living and always provided for his kids, and for the time being, he is depending on his family back home to care for them.

As we talked, he explained that he knew he needed to get and stay sober for him to be a good dad for the log run, so his kids would have to do without him, and some tangible things for the time being. I asked him to tell me the things his kids need right now, and he simply said “clothes”.

So here’s the deal. Our F3 brother has two kids that needs some clothes for school. I think we need to fill this need so he can stop worrying about it and focus on his recovery.

  • Ashley is 9 and is starting the 5th grade. She wears size 8 slim pants, medium shirts, and girls size 2 shoes. I’m told she’s your typical 9-year-old girl and like girly stuff.
  • Dominic is a 6 and is starting 1st grade. He wears size 8 pants, size 6 shirts, and boys size 1.5 shoes.
  • Additionally, they could use some school supplies.
  • We’ll gladly accept gently used clothing, or new clothes. If you buy something, you may include a gift receipt for exchanges if you like.

HC in the comments below if you want to provide something on this list. Just say what you are committing to. I’m going to send out the package on Friday, so you’ll need to drop off the items my lunch on Friday at 1403 Confederate Ave.

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  1. Our daughter is 8 and we may even still have a few things for younger boys. We’ll put something together as well.

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