• When: 08/03/15
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Belding, Beacon, Tonto, Ziffel, Jar Jar, Kenny G, Pipeline

The Inaugural Stumble 5K

After being the sole Stumble representative at the Hot Summer’s Night 5K on Friday (and y’all missed a great party at Promo’s after), YHC decided to bring the race home to the AO with a Stumble 5K. The idea is to run this a few times a year, at semi-regular intervals, in order to track the pax’s performance over time. You know–#getbetter and all that. It could be a good #ExchangeProgram opportunity as well.

Pax who participated today, post your times in the comments, and YHC will whip up a spreadsheet.

Conditions: August

The Thang:

1/2 mile warmup mosey to the far corner of the park and back to the starting line in front of the school

  • Start: The Meadowfield flagpole
  • L Olde Knight
  • R Chambly
  • L Queens Way
  • R Old Woodlands
  • L Indian Mound / Marthas Glen
  • Straight across Old Woodlands to Dublin
  • R Winston
  • L Merrill
  • L Galway
  • L Olde Knight
  • Finish: Shovel flag planted a few yards past the park entrance


BOM by Pipeline


Full Spreadsheet


Top three finishers: 1. Belding; 2. Beacon; 3. Tonto. Strong work, men.

Strava reported this as being a shade less than 3.1 miles, so next time we need to push the finish line back some.

#Kotters to Jar Jar. It was good to hear his #mumblechatter from the rear of the pack. More so because it usually comes from the front of the pack. Hope the foot continues to heal up.


  • Little Mountain Half, 8/15. Meet at the Wired Goat in Chapin at 0600. See the preblast for details.
  • Woodshed anniversary convergence, 8/29 at 0600 (for #DawnStrikeProfessionals and #TheWall runners) and 0700 (for everyone else). Score will be here as well. Pretty much if you typically post to an F3 Columbia Saturday workout (other than The Mission), show up at the Shed instead.
  • The Woodshed’s own Paper Cut is leading a book group, Tuesdays at 6pm at Eastminster Presbyterian. Life Worth Living, based on the book of Philippians. Come get your #3rdF on.

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