• When: 09/22/15
  • QIC: Long Haul
  • The PAX: Whisper, Rebar, Short Haul, Cow Bell, The Crapper, House (respect), Itchy(respect), Hopper, Kakis, Spackle(respect), Clipboard, PYT, Crack, Cream Cheese, Digger, Good Hands, Cheech, Sink Hole, Net Flix, Bulldog, Utah (respect), Lt. Dan, Boobie Traps, Yippie, Long Haul.

Long Haul First Q

Written by Longhaul

YHC won’t lie, I was a bit anxious for my VQ but ready to get it on.

Weather: 68 a tad humid but also a nice breeze

The Thang:

. Intro – Disclaimer

. Prayer

. Mosey down to the field for a lap around

. SSH (20x IC)

. TTT (20xIC)

. Windmill (20xIC)

YHC needs to work on his cadence, so let’s go get to work on what he does know.


Lineup on the goal line

. 100 yard sprint 10 Burpees.  Plank when done

. 200 yard sprint 20 Merkins.  Plank when done

. 300 yard sprint 30 squats, plank when done

. 400 yard sprint 40 LBC,  I don’t think anyone planked

. 5-10-15-5 yard shuttle run

. 5-10-15-5  yard shuttle bear crawl

.100 yard backwards run

Mosey behind the stadium.

The “cool” kids in high school use to go smoke behind the bleachers.  YHC took the Pax back there to try and smoke them.  Whut?

That’s where the best stairs are on campus for doing some step work.

Line up in 4 equal lines to work the stairs:

. Run every step, 10 Merkins at the top to let everyone finish, mosey back down

. Hop every step, 20 squats at the top, mosey down

. Hop skipping a step, 20 Merkins, mosey down

. Single leg hop, switch legs ½ way up(crowd pleaser),   30 LBCs  mosey down

. Hop skipping a step, then back down 1 step, then back up 2 to the top (unsure of the pleasure level)

. Run every step

. Plank at the top

. Right arm up/left arm up

Mosey around back to the field and lineup on the sideline.

Gasser time:  sprints  Full = 50->50<-50->50    ½ = 50  <- 50

Full gasser

Head to the wall for people’s chair 1 minute

Arms up 1 minute

Back to the line

½ gasser

People’s chair

Arms up 1 minute

Full gasser



YHC wasn’t sure if there was any mumble chatter at this point or if there had been any at all during his Q.  All YHC could hear was the sound of rushing water.  The pre-VQ anxiety was all about wanting the Pax to get a quality workout.  Mission accomplished,  great work by all Pax!



Sign up to Q if you have not done it.  It’s a blast!

Mud Run signup extended to Oct 3rd

Sportsman’s Banquet at Northside on Thursday

Thirsty Thursday at Keg Cowboy 5:30

F3 phone App appears to be available



Continued prayers for Walker and the Philips family




1 Corinthians 10:12

“So if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall”

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