• When: 9/22/15
  • QIC: SnapOn
  • The PAX: Fog, Grilz, Cousteau, Carpetbagger, OBC, Radar, Snap-On, Fife, Prenup, TNT

SnapOn’s VQ

BigTime Posting for Snapon

Date: 9/22/2015
QIC: Snap-On
PAX: Fog, Grilz, Cousteau, Carpetbagger, OBC, Radar, Snap-On, Fife, Prenup, TNT

YHC was very nervous for his VQ.
Weather: 68 and Misty
The Thang:
Mosey to Brickpile
Intro- Disclaimer
SSH (25 x IC)
FBAC (25 x IC)
BBAC (25 x IC)
IM (20 x IC)
Mosey to parking lot with blocks and bricks for what Fog calls “Winded Card Play”. Each PAX selects 3 playing cards and then all PAX perform exercises associated with the cards.
Burpees (Clubs) (54 Total)
Squats (Spades) (54 Total)
Merkins (Hearts) (54 Total)
BBSU (Diamonds) (54 Total)
15 Sec of Ski-Jumps (Jacks) (1 Min Total)
25 Curls for the Girls (Queens) (100 Total)
10 Lat. Raises (Kings) (40 Total)
25 Calf Raises (Aces) (100 Total)
Jokers were a 1 minute break (No Jokers in my deck)
Had a little extra time, so we did PAX pick an exercise
Overhead Press (20 x IC)
Tricep extension (20 x IC)
Man-makers (5 x IC)
YHC had a lot of fun this morning. Thanks to Grilz who helped me with the workout and shout out to Fog who helped me with my cadence, since YHC definitely needs to work on his breathing. Great work by all PAX today.
Mud Run signup extended to Oct 3rd


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