• When: 07/30/15
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Slum Dog, Detour, T Swift, Garnish, RA, Sweetness, Boo Boo, McNugget, Turtle, Myrtle, Collar, Hawg


Weather – 78 degrees, 87% humidity, another stifling Columbia morning

Lucky #13 today for the Hammer PAX.  Good group and good effort.  KISS for the backblast too….

The Thang

Quick mosey around the football field for a brief warmup

To the playground, partner up

Each partner does 20 pull-ups total, but rotates as follows: 1st partner 5 pull-ups while 2nd partner does 5 touch squats, flapjack and repeat until each gets to 20 total

20 iron cross

Rinse and repeat pull-ups/touch squats and iron cross

Mosey to block stash, get blocks, Cusack to end line of football field near picnic area, put blocks on ground side by side about 2 feet apart, same partners

1st partner does 10 merkins between the 2 blocks while while 2nd partner does LBCs, flap jack

Cusack 10 yards with blocks, put them back on the ground, same merkin and LBC combo

Rinse and repeat every 10 yards until you get to the other end line

Most PAX did ~12 sets of reps total down the field.  This one took much longer than anticipated and was much harder than I thought it would be and it probably looks on paper.  Shoulders were toast.

Cusack with blocks back to block stash, leave there for later

Brisk run to bottom of dumpster hill, partner up

1st partner starts at light post at bottom of dumpster hill, sprints up hill all the way to dumpster near Bethel Church, then back down to bottom of hill while 2nd partner does AMRAP merkins, flap jack

Same thing but with AMRAP squats

Same thing but with AMRAP LBCs

The heat, humidity, and extended hill made this one extra awful.

Another swift run back to block stash, grab your blocks again

10 block curl presses, rinse and repeat

Out of time….


Solid work by the PAX this morning.  These guys always past the test with flying colors.  Just wish I had more time to do more like always.


Hot Summer Night 5K this weekend, Promo’s spot

Little Mountain Half Marathon coming up in a couple of weeks

See the weekly email and Twitter for more….

BOM – Misfire

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