• When: 07/31/2015
  • QIC: Creeper, Cartwheel, and Huffy
  • The PAX: Sisterwife, Duck, Double Deuce, Kim Jong, Lil Kim, VHS, DVD, Laser Disc (FNG), Taj, Cespool, 49er, Subprime, Logo, Logo Jr, Chaser, Bulldozer, Gram Cracker, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Swiss, Babybell, Cheesy, K-Sparkle, McNugget, Copay, Beetle, FNG??, Lego, Costanza, Snowflake, Batman

Arc Loader – Burpee Tag

35 Boys and Girls managed to dodge what appeared to be certain thunder showers at 5:30am for some good work and good fun.


SSH x20 by Creeper
Superman x10 by Cartwheel
Imperial Walker x20 by Huffy
Merkins x5 by Creeper
Monkey Humpers x10 by Cartwheel
Boat Canoe by Huffy

Mosey to the Back Field
Arc Loader – 10 Yards

Wheel barrow (used to get the smaller animals loaded up)
Bear Crawl
Duck Walk
Frog Jumps
Crab Walk

Mosey to the Front Field

Burpee Tag
Dads Circle up with Kids in the Middle
Two kids are IT
Once you get tagged run back to your dad and do 5 burpees
Dads stand around and maybe do some flutter kicks or squats
Last two standing are now IT

After two rounds of Kids it the dads turn.
Pick two fast kids to chase the dads
10 burpees when you get tagged
Repeat with two new IT kids.

Leading the F3 dads workout is a lot of fun and it’s a great chance to teach your kids about leadership. Your heart melts a little bit when your kid stands up in front of a group of people they barely know then calls out an exercise and cadence like a champ. The whole workout was pretty much planned by my kids.

Final F3 dads of the season is Friday the 15th at 7am

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  1. Tweetle and Beetle had a great time this morning, thank you Creeper, Cartwheel and Huffy! I don’t have any hard evidence, but I feel like there may have been a little “allowance manipulation” in that last game of tag.

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