• When: 07/22/15
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Wingback, Serena, Copay, Landshark, Holy Poker, Odyssey, Pondo, Pipeline

French and Indian Run

It was said during the pre-run #mumblechatter that Stumble has missed the pitter-patter of YHC’s #monkeyfeet over the last couple of weeks. Said feet were on vacation in Quebec City, a fine town that features a monster hill, running temps in the 60s and a whole lot of history. In fact, the future of North America was determined at two battles there. During the French and Indian War, the British general Wolfe defeated the French general Montcalm there and claimed Canada for England. A few years later the same British held off George Washington’s colonial army there during the American Revolution. This is why 1) we don’t speak French in the States and 2) why Canada is Canada and not part of the USA. #historyiscool

In honor of Quebec’s history, YHC decided to take Stumble on a French and Indian Run.

Conditions: The opposite of Canada, 80-something and swampy

The Thang:

  • Warmup mosey to the top of #Martha (Martha’s Glen & Arrowfield as if you don’t know by now)
  • Indian Run down Martha’s Glen and Indian Mound to the fire hydrant at the bottom of #IndianMound hill
  • Sprint to the top
  • 20 merkins (because ‘MURICA)
  • 20 crunchy frogs (because there’s no exercise in the F3 Lexicon that references “French” or “Canadian”, so “frog” will have to do)
  • Indian run back to the fire hydrant at the bottom of #Martha
  • Sprint to the top
  • 20 merkins
  • 20 crunchy frogs
  • Indian run back to the AO. Total distance: 3.4 miles of short, fast intervals.

Stretching led by Holy Poker

BOM led by Pipeline


This was the longest Indian run YHC has ever been part of, and probably the muggiest. However, unlike the French at Quebec, no pax surrendered. Well done.


  • Stretch’s “little f” (form) clinic, Saturday 0830 at Woodshed
  • Little Mountain Half, 8/15. Meet at the Wired Goat in Chapin at 0600. See the preblast for details.
  • Woodshed convergence, 8/29 at 0600 (for #DawnStrikeProfessionals) and 0700 (for everyone else)
  • Tell your M that that free workout group for women will begin operations at Woodland Park on Sunday, 8/1 at 1500. That’s 3pm, so you don’t have to worry about missing any regularly scheduled F3 events (I mean, 3pm in the summer, really?). Part of being a #HIM is encouraging and lifting up your wife, so pass it on.

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