• When: 08/20/15
  • QIC: Heartbreaker
  • The PAX: Logo, Dusty, Roscoe, Windmill, Cheesy, Cutler, Yogi, Double Rub, Woody, Spany, Underwood, Heartbreaker, Pinkeye, JB, Moon River, Two Buck, Halftime, Pikes, Cavity, Hustler, Carpetbagger

Every day is Game day

With off-campus work handled earlier in the week, including the infamous Butler Hill beatdown on Tuesday and multiple running groups during the week, YHC elected to keep the Pax on site for a heavy dose of field work blended with blocks. With football season approaching, the pax took advantage of the marked fields at Brickpile. Gameday is just around the corner…

Conditions:       Mid-70’s and Humid – a typical August day in the Sweatshop aka Cola

The Thang:

Burpees X10 IC (not a smooth start for YHC – cadence for burpees is a nogo)

Squats  X25 IC


Merkins X20 IC


Flutters X40 IC

Carolina Drydock X20 IC

Mosey to brickpile for blocks – carry overhead 100 yds to small lined field (40 yd mini-field)

Lunge walk w block X field – leave block and sprint back

Bear crawl X field – plankorama on block (90 seconds – regular and single arm rotation)

Block jump – AMRAP 60 seconds

Curls X25 IC

BB sit-ups X20 OYO

Block press X20 IC

Iron Dolly X20 IC (Iron cross to hello dolly in each count)

Lunge walk X field w block – plankorama (60 seconds – regular and arm rotation)

Crab walk X field (#crowdpleaser) – sprint back

Decline Merkins X10 IC

Carry block to Great Wall

People’s Chair w blocks – front & overhead – 90 seconds


Rinse & Repeat for 3X total – legs were burning at this point

Blocks overhead back to brickpile

Incline Merkins X10 IC

Curls X25 IC

BB sit-ups X25 OYO

Flutters X30 IC

Close out with Merkin Trio – Diamond, Regular & Wide-arm (X5 each IC)

Well done by the Pax – YHC was smoked…


Hurricane Ruck in Camden 9/19 – connect with Fog or Bigtime

Mud-run signups in process

Robber is doing great work with Mission – continue to support

New AO The Spur kicks off this Saturday at fields by The Blatt – 6:50 AM

Convergence at Woodshed next Saturday 8/29 for Anniversary AO

BOM & Devotional led by Logo – nicely done

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