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Super Bob’s Silent Bowl

AO: dawnstrike
Q: Silent Bob
PAX: Fallout, Oscar, Lobstah, Snowflake, Quaker, Silent Bob
FNGs: None
10k at 0450

– Side Straddle Hops
– Imperial Walkers
– Grass Pickers
– Arm Circles
– Calf Raises x58
– Merkins x58

– Mosey to the football “field” because the actual football field was locked
– “1st & 10” – Perform 10 merkins and 1 burpee at the 10, 9 merkins and 2 burpees at the 20, and so on finishing with 1 merkin and 10 burpees at the opposite goal line
– “Bear Brawl” x3 sets – Partner provides resistance for a 10-yard bear crawl and then switch
– “Plank Hurdles” – Everyone starts in the end zone. 1st man sprints to the 10 and planks, 2nd sprints, hurdles him, planks on the 20, and so on until everyone reaches the opposite end zone.

Halftime Show
If anyone can quote the first verse of “Yeah” by Usher, stargazers, otherwise burpees x15 (we did burpees)

Second Half
– Grab bricks
– “Quarter Pounder with Cheese” – Run 25 yards, merkins x25, run back to goal line. Run 50, raise the roof x50, back. Run 75, chest press x75, back. Run 100, squats x100, back. The bricks make it “with cheese”.

Commercial Break
– Mosey to a theoretical flag (presented by Volkswagen)

Hail Mary
– LBCs x58
– Flutter Kicks (in cadence)
– Ukrainian Hammer (in cadence)
– Big-boy sit-ups x10

CoT (quote cut for time, but added here)
“A man on top of the mountain didn’t just fall there.” -Vince Lombardi

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